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Mithra CDMO Announces Collaboration with MedinCell for the Development of Injectable Products for Malaria and Transplant Rejection

Liege, Belgium, 26 April 2022 – Mithra (Euronext Brussels: MITRA) today announced a collaboration with MedinCell for the development of two long-acting injectable products in its CDMO based in Liège.

Mithra CDMO offers a complete spectrum of solutions from early drug development, clinical batches and commercial manufacturing of complex polymeric products (vaginal ring, implants) and complex liquid injectables and biologicals in vials, pre-filled syringes or cartridges.

Based in Montpellier (France), MedinCell develops a portfolio of long-acting injectable products in various therapeutic areas by combining its BEPO® technology with active ingredients already marketed. This technology makes it possible to control the regular delivery of a drug at the optimal therapeutic dose for a period of several days, weeks or months, by means of a simple depot injection. The depot is completely bioresorbable and is formed immediately after a subcutaneous or localised injection. As real alternative to conventional methods of taking medicines, MedinCell’s technology offers a number of advantages to address major healthcare challenges around the world, potentially improving efficacity, tolerance and patient observance, as well as rapid development.

1. Treatment for Malaria supported by global health agency Unitaid

MedinCell’s product candidate “mdc-STM” is a 3-month ivermectin formulation aiming to reduce the transmission of the parasite responsible for Malaria, thanks to a killing effect on the vector mosquitoes when they bite treated people. Administered at the beginning of the transmission season, this long-acting injectable product could have a significant epidemiological impact. Malaria remains pandemic in 91 countries representing 50% of the world’s population. According to WHO estimates, 228 million people were infected worldwide in 2018, 93% of them in Africa, leading to 405,000 deaths. Children under 5 years are the most vulnerable, accounting for 67% of deaths from malaria.

This R&D Program is financially supported by the global health agency Unitaid1. Regulatory preclinical activities has started in 2020 with the objective of a first clinical trial in 2023 supported by Mithra CDMO.

2. Treatment to prevent transplant rejection

MedinCell’s product candidate “mdc-GRT” is a sub-cutaneous treatment based on immunosuppressant tacrolimus to prevent graft rejection in organ transplant patients. In addition to improve compliance, a major issue in patients who have received a transplant associated with a necessary lifelong treatment, this product could reduce the risk of adverse effects. Mithra CDMO will take care of the development of this product for preclinical and clinical trials in 2023.

Renaat Baes, CDMO Site Director, Mithra CDMO, commented: “We are very pleased to collaborate with MedinCell on complex technology products that perfectly match our combined expertise in polymers and injectables. These technologies based on an extended and controlled release of the drug provide many advantages to patients and offer both effective and affordable alternatives for treating chronic or pandemic diseases, such as malaria. Our Mithra CDMO provides quite specific know-how covering a complete range of services in development and production of these high value-added products and intends to further strengthen its activities in these growing markets."

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