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Mithra and the University of Liège Secure Proof-of-Concept for Novel Manufacturing Process of Estetrol

Mithra, a company dedicated to Women’s Health, today announces that through a collaboration with researchers from the University of Liège’s Center for Integrated Technology and Organic Synthesis (CiTOS), proof-of-concept has been demonstrated for a novel manufacturing process of a key estetrol intermediate.

What is Estetrol (E4)?

Estetrol (E4), Mithra’s core asset, is a natural estrogen with potential applications across multiple therapeutic fields including Women’s Health (contraception and menopause). After successfully launching the first estetrol-based product in 2021, the contraceptive pill Estelle®, Mithra continued to work towards innovation in manufacturing aimed at reducing cost of goods and potential environmental impact through the removal of a metal catalyst in the production process.


The Mithra and CiTOS teams have developed a novel, intensified manufacturing methodology to improve robustness and productivity while ensuring a limited environmental footprint. The new metal-free process is based on the thermolysis of a key sulfoxide derivative of estrone. Early proof of concept for this novel methodology was published in the peer-reviewed industry journal Reaction Chemistry & Engineering earlier this year here.

Mithra and CiTOS to continue development work

Mithra and CiTOS will continue their development work, with initial commercial production by a CDMO using the enhanced manufacturing process expected in 2026/27.

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