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Trasis, a world leader in nuclear medicine

Since 2004, Trasis has been contributing to the development of nuclear medicine and is a world leader in the field of radiopharmaceuticals. Specializing in the supply of equipment, ingredients and innovative methods, it offers complete solutions for the development, industrial production and administration of all current and future radiopharmaceuticals. By 2023, 3.5 million patients worldwide had been treated using solutions manufactured by the Liège-based company. Now in its twentieth year, Trasis employs 350 people, mainly in Belgium, France and the United States. It is continuing to expand with its brand new 5,000 m2 building which more than doubles the size of its current facilities.

Trasis designs and manufactures equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Today, it is inaugurating a brand new building adding 5,000 m² to the existing 3,500 m². These areas house a mechanical assembly workshop of almost 700 m², user-friendly office and communal areas, synthesis and quality control laboratories, as well as clean rooms". The aim is to respond to the growth in nuclear medicine worldwide.

"These machines enable radiopharmaceutical drugs to be manufactured every day in around 2,000 production centers around the world. And that's in the production sector. Then there are the machines in hospitals, which are used to administer the drugs safely to patients," explains Gauthier Philippart, co-founder and CEO of Trasis.

Managing activities on a local scale

The company is aiming for record sales of €70 million in 2023, up sharply from sales of €25 million in 2020, and it has already been claiming annual sales growth of 30-40% for almost a decade. It exports 95% of its sales. Trasis is a company whose family shareholders invest their profits (more than €5 million every year) in Research and Development alone, while favoring local production with partners in the region.

"We are proud to be able to employ people from our local area. What's more, having all our operations here gives us greater control over our activities. That's important, because relocating does not necessarily enable us to maintain the level of quality required in our sector," explains Jean-Luc Morelle, co-founder and CTO of Trasis.

Increase production capacity with a future 60,000m2 building

To meet its orders and ensure its future growth, Trasis employs 350 people and will be recruiting a further 100 this year to reach a total of 700 employees by 2030, in all the company's business lines.

"There are people working in innovation, engineers, doctors in chemistry, biologists and computer scientists. And then there are people who work on the production of the products, so technicians who assemble the equipment, or technicians who work in the clean rooms and produce the consumables," explains Gauthier Philippart, co-founder and CEO of Trasis.

The new Trasis building marks an important milestone in the company's development, but the company still needs additional production capacity. To this end, Trasis is already working on the design of a new building on a 60,000 m² site, also in Ans.

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