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2 CEIV Pharma airports: Brussels & Liège

Liège airport, best freight airport in the world

Top 4 densest road and railway network

in the world

Top 3 most globalized economies

in the world

4 maritime

ports / High-density waterways

In pole position

Belgium’s and Wallonia’s strategic location only adds to their success in international biomanufacturing and biotech rankings. In fact, since 2005, the biopharmaceutical industry has become a key pillar of Wallonia’s economy, with employment and export numbers steadily rising each year.

‘Bienvenue’ in Wallonia!

Wallonia is the French-speaking, southern region of Belgium and geographically the largest part of the country. It consists of 5 provinces, each with their own major city as its provincial capital. The region’s overall capital is Namur, a bustling center of commerce and industry situated in the Sambre and Meuse valley, Wallonia’s industrial backbone.

A strong bond with Brussels and Europe

Setting up a base in Wallonia connects your business to the bigger European picture. Wallonia has strong ties with Brussels, the European capital and home to several major international political and economic decision-making centers such as the EU and NATO. Geographically, your biotech business couldn’t be closer to where the action is. In addition to Brussels, major economic, life sciences and biotech axes such as London, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin are only a stone’s throw away as well.

Wallonia map

A multimodal crossroad

Because of its central location in Western Europe, Wallonia serves as an important logistics hub. Here, your business couldn’t be better connected to the rest of Europe and beyond.

Some of the region’s main infrastructural hotspots are the international airports in Liège and Charleroi. Liège airport was voted best freight airport in the world in 2020!

But Wallonia is also part of one of the densest highway and railway networks in Europe and home to the third largest European inland port: the Port of Liège connects businesses via river to Flanders, France, the Netherlands, Germany and further on to the main trans-Atlantic lines. In addition, there’s the multimodal Garocentre in La Louvière, which combines railway, road and water transport.

Laurent Jossart
The environmental responsibility of air transport is an integral part of our strategy : we work for sustainable development and for an active policy to reduce environmental impacts ! Liege Airport also aims to be an airport that favors activities that make “sense” - pharmaceutical activity, humanitarian freight, biotech, etc. Our ambition: to become the airport of the future, sustainable and innovative! Laurent Jossart, CEO of Liège airport

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