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First strategic sector of Wallonia's economy

(10,5 billion turnover for the biotech industry)

Highest employment rate in biomanufacturing activities

vs neighboring countries (NL & DE)

Almost 30%

of the entire Walloon export


of the Walloon biotech turnover is driven by biomanufacturing companies

Patrick Florent
I am very proud that we have already invested more than EUR 900 million in our Belgian sites over the past two years. This is a recognition of the expertise and know-how of our employees in Belgium. Patrick Florent, Managing Director of GSK Vaccines in Belgium
Jacques marbehant
Wallonia is a great option for international businesses because of its openness and easiness to working with others. In our industry, you can’t do it all alone – you need to find the right partners and attract a broad range of people. Because of a rich ecosystem, Wallonia is an excellent place to invest with a blend of exceptional talents, dense academic and entrepreneurship network, infrastructure and a vibrant industrial & SME presence. UCB employs people of 70 nationalities within the business. Diversity is vital to our success. Jacques Marbehant, UCB Global Head of Manufacturing and Industrial Investments
Geoffrey pot
The impossible becomes possible if you firmly believe in it. That’s why Wallonia is the perfect spot for investing in biomanufacturing. At Takeda, we believe in the know-how and capabilities of our people. Thanks to their innovative mindset, we are able to create the factory of the future, shaping our digital and sustainable future in Lessines. Geoffrey Pot, General Manager Operations – Site Head Takeda Lessines
Hugues bultot
Belgium benefits from a longstanding ecosystem articulated around the creation and production of vaccines. Just name two of the historical actors, GSK, UCB. In Wallonia, the development of biotechnology and activities around the life sciences have been a priority for nearly 20 years. The ecosystem has been developed, professionalized, and the perspectives are multifold and varied. The building blocks are talents, the synergies, the infrastructure and the ambition of the public authorities supported by private investment. Local and international partnerships are a daily reality. This unique location is a real plus for Univercells and its biomanufacturing affiliates, a profound conviction as co-founder, poly-entrepreneur, born in Charleroi, in a region undergoing conversion Hugues Bultot – CEO and co-founder Univercells

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