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Eurogentec: €14Mio invested to increase mRNA production fivefold

With its experience in gene therapy, Kaneka intends to meet the growing needs of the market by investing €14Mio in its Belgian subsidiary, the biotechnology company Eurogentec, in order to increase its messenger RNA production capacity fivefold by 2024. This investment consolidates Wallonia's strategic positioning in GMP Plasmid DNA and mRNA biomanufacturing for vaccines & therapeutics worldwide.

Already new labs for plasmid and protein processes optimization

With its brand new Process Transfer & Development labs, Eurogentec now has 10,750 ft² dedicated to the optimization of plasmid and protein processes. These labs are equipped with all scales of fermenters, from the very small scale of the Ambr system to 5L, 30L and 50L fermenters, various lysis and purification equipment, and all the required QCs, to ensure smooth transition and scale-up from development to the GMP production area.

Eurogentec’s new production facility to open in 2024

"We see an acceleration in this market. We need to invest to meet the higher expectations of our customers and to serve new customers", said Lieven Janssens, Managing Director of Kaneka Eurogentec, which plans to put the new production plant into operation in 2024. This investment will create 10 to 20 additional jobs. It currently employs 430 people. "We have doubled in size in six years", he says.

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