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Xpress Biologics moves up a gear with Polyplus & SSB

Xpress Biologics, a Belgian CDMO specialized in the manufacturing of plasmid DNA and protein at different quality grade (R&D, High Quality and GMP grade) using microbial expression system, was acquired by French biotech Polyplus in December 2022 (which is being acquired by Sartorius Stedim Biotech), becoming a strategic partner in gene-therapy viral vector manufacturing process in Belgium.

Leveraging large scale production of plasmid DNA

Through this acquisition, Polyplus relies on Xpress Biologics’ ability to manufacture High Quality and GMP grade proteins and plasmids DNA for therapeutic, vaccine and diagnostic applications including mRNA and viral vector based advanced therapies, to leverage the large-scale production of its proprietary plasmid DNA constructs. The French biotech - which aims at enhancing process economies in the advanced therapies sector - is willing to combine expertise in transfection and plasmid DNA engineering and production applied to gene-therapy viral vector manufacturing process to supply GMP grade plasmids as of 2023.

Optimized expression systems for pre-clinical and clinical production

Marc Daukandt, CEO at Xpress Biologics, explains that, thanks to this acquisition by Polyplus, the CDMO is moving up a gear at several levels. First of all, the company will use its optimized expression systems for the clinical production of new biologics in 2023. Another step forward is that Polyplus opens the doors of the global market to Xpress Biologic’ products and technologies. Last but not least, it also enables the Belgian CDMO to contribute to advanced therapy discovery and commercialization forward.

Now the Belgian branch of the international group SSB

In March 2023, Polyplus is announced to be acquired by Sartorius Stedim Biotech (SSB) for €2.4 billion. SSB, a subsidiary of the German Sartorius Group, manufactures consumables and equipment for the production of biotech drugs, and provides its customers with sterile medical equipment, bioreactors, cell culture media and special filters. Through this acquisition, SSB intends to position itself in the rapidly expanding market of cell and gene therapies. It will build on Polyplus’ expertise in transfection and the large-scale plasmid DNA production capacity of its international subsidiaries - among which Xpress Biologics - to become a leader in this field.


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