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Cell Matters acquired by global leader Cryoport

Cell Matters writes another success story for Wallonia. After entering into a strategic partnership with Cryoport, a global leader in temperature-controlled supply chain solutions, the Belgian CDMO was acquired to provide the life sciences industry with end-to-end cryopreservation services for leukapheresis derived therapies supporting both autologous and allogeneic cell therapies.

Providing timely supply of high-quality manufacturing-ready biomaterial

Cell Matters is a CDMO specialized in cryopreservation. The company combines expertise in cryobiology, cell therapy production and bio-logistics. It provides cell therapy companies with cryo-process development or optimization from starting material to Drug Product. The aim of its strategic partnership with Cryoport was to launch a joint service, IntegriCellTM, to support the development, the optimization, and the actual cryopreservation of leukopaks for cell therapy players requiring timely, high-quality starting material that is manufacturing-ready.

Enhancing cell therapy productivity with cryopreservation

Cryopreservation is a key component of the biomanufacturing supply chain. By joining forces and with GMP expertise, IntegriCellTM is making cryopreservation a competitive advantage as the demand on the global cell therapy market continues to grow. For Cell Matters, this alliance was the opportunity to accelerate its international expansion. For Cryoport, it offered the opportunity to strengthen its temperature controlled supply chain capabilities in Europe.

A strategic partnership that ended into an acquisition

A few months after Cell Matters announced this partnership, the Belgian CDMO was acquired by Cryoport, becoming one of its strategic locations in Europe. The Belgian expertise in cryopreservation is now used by the world's largest manufacturer of cryogenic systems and one of the largest life science focused specialty couriers.

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